Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrapfest 7 woohoo!!

August 29, 2009 - i got to attend the scrapfest 7 at the makati parks and gardens. it was my first ever! I actually flew in from dipolog for that after several shy responses of 'i'm attending a scrapbooking thing' whenever family asked about my trip! haha but no regrets! heck to what they thought - i had fun!

i got to actually meet the various scrapbooking merchants from whom i get my materials from and sometimes annoyingly prod of my shipment's tracking number ;p they were all really nice plus i got to see a fraction of what they have in their stores! i've never been to a scrapbooking store except hobbes and landes (expensive!) so i truly enjoyed every minute of my browsing / window shopping moment.

i also got to meet scrappin moms' moderators! (they're all so galing!) and all the other scrappers whose blogs i contstantly follow and whose creation, i truly admire.

last, i got to finish a layout using the events' kit with nothing but my non acid free pen that i carry in my bag. thanks to honey y. for she lent me her scissors, self healing mat, etc.
and this is that layout:

Til the next one :)


  1. wow. you really traveled light! i'm sure, pag-uwi mo hindi na light. hahaha. at least nakagawa ka ng LO on your first scrapfest. mumg ako, nood lang ako kasi ang gagagaling nila :-)

  2. Hi Cheska! It was nice to finally meet you in person. Tama si Lee, I'm sure marami ka na bitbit nung pagbalik niyo sa Dipolog. Hope to see you again in the future Scrap events. :)

  3. oo nga eh!! you can't help it talaga noh? hehehe
    i was awed! when i want to your tables, napa holy cow talaga ako! haha

  4. it was nice to meet you too gracie. sayang d tayo nakapagkwentuhan kahit kaunti. parang you got busy din. d bale next time!