Friday, June 26, 2009

First Kit Set!

just sharing the first five layouts i got to make out of studio azul's june kit, a spoonful of sugar. i think i can manage 2 more with whatever's left from tin's concoction. it's my first time to try the kit membership system and i must say this is more scrapping expense - friendly at the onset.

it also allowed me to set in to a more playful mood as i never got 'stressed' matching paper and looking into all my scrap stash containers for embellishments. every night since 4 nights ago, i just brought tin's ziploc, played with its contents while watching tv and viola! i had a finished layout before dozing off!

slowly learning..embossing 123

this is a few days late but to keep alive what i felt when i first used my heat gun and embossing powder, i am dedicating a blog entry for this.

i was simply excited ( kid excited ) when i stamped my first few dots and subsequently, applied embossing powder and embossed with my newly bought heat gun to project sand (literal). i think it was mainly so because it's the heat gun, among my line of tools that i was successful with at first try. second, it was this feeling that i think allowed me to appreciate art better. i didn't mind getting dirty with the ink and cleaning up my mess with the powder afterwards. and lastly, i finished my layout content and happy. the sand effect wasn't even planned, more so the embossing. it was a spontaneous burst of creative juice.

here's my embossed sand. nothing rocket science but doing it borught so much glee :)

title: here comes the sand!

Brutus - April 2006

Thursday, June 18, 2009

scrapbooking made easy

As one of my monthsary gifts, paolo sent me a copy of simple scrapbooks, scrapbooking made easy. he says, you've been blog hopping until midnight almost every night so i just thought this might come in useful as well. he's the most thoughtful ever! am browsing through the book now and my gosh, it's reminding me so much of how simplicity can hold the most meaning sometimes.

i've been so engrossed learning techniques, looking at what materials and tools i lack and seemingly, trying to make my layouts more sophisticated! i shouldn't forget about what this should be all about after all - inner, random thoughts, meaning and natural joy :)

What a first!

i just finished submitting my second entry for janis' pearl challenge at pinoy scrapbookers' kaya!
and why 2?!!!! just because i got the instructions wrong!! hahaha truly a first timer in every sense - overly - excited - to - read - through - instructions and learning - so - much - while - keeping - the - fun - in - joining - challenges.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduate School Layouts

all about my days at the institute .. memories that will linger on and on..

Events.Events.Events @ AIM

These layouts cover the various events we had in school. Admin knew how rigorous our program was so they made sure we had so called parties to attain the work-play balance idealism.

These events always stood as an experience for me primarily because of the cultural diversity i get to observe during these times.

40th Anniversary

AIM - 40th anniversary

cubs' night

Kris kringle

Christmas 2007

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dorm Living

here are the layouts i dedicated to all things meangingful about my stay at the AIM dorm

- my foreign roomies, Lan (vietnamese), Deepti and Nikita (Indian) from whom i got to learn so much about their respective cultures

-my co filipina in room 310, chakka who has ever been so kind sharing her ref and stuff

-my roomies in room 313 with whom i share many memories of pigging out, nightly kwentos, self diagnosing one another of upcoming colds, allergy attacks and other physical health hindrances to completing school work!

lastly, these layouts are about that opportunity to experience independence, freedom and sisterhood :)

Thankful for allowing me power naps when our sked became impossible!

Confined! this is where i lived for 16 mos


my roomies in 313 and faye's drawing

with deepti and nikita, my indian mates

lan, my smart ass vitenamese mate

i have not made out the '310' signifying my room # that's supposed to be in that empty portion at the bootom right
kind chakka

Friday, June 12, 2009

project completed!

wow!! this feels good!

Batch photo - we pioneered AIM's shortened MBA program. we survived the lab being guinea pigs. yeah!

the kick that i needed to jumpstart my plan to start 'real scrapbooking' from acid free paper, to adhesive, to embellishments, rub ons, ribbons and else forth alien to me - my graduate school album is finally completed! this has been my project since march that i did simultaneous to my scrap shopping and blog hopping, intial learning.

now i say, more than a finished layout, a scrappers biggest reward is a finished album!

It was all worth it! Ma. Katrina Francesca Herrera, MBA

I have to practice taking photos of my work pa. i don't know how to choose an angle and control the lighting hehehe

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the Loop!!

Tonight i am just so HAPPY!!! =) first, i arrived home seeing an LBC wrapped package from pao. in it were three boxes of pink/green/orange dots.. they look like candy!!! and they blend perfectly with my yellow and green colored walls and divider =)
Candy!!!! thanks hunee =)
Second, i practically finished a layout tonight!! miracle..i usually take days to finish a layout..this one's an accomplishment. i'm now two layouts short to completing my two-album grad school scrap project.yipee!
And third, i got approved membership with pinoy scrapbookers and scrapbook-exchange!! for days i've been browsing blogs of the members of these sites. and i'm just so excited to officially learn from all of them =)) now officially in the loop. hurray!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Buying In

eAs i knew i'd be returning to the province after grad school to work for the family business, i thought of ways to keep me occupied other than work. First on the list was always scrapbooking! .. and well cooking (which i havn't gathered the inspiration to do yet). But as i started getting myself equipped with the essentials, i realized, golly!! this is an expensive hobby!! yep it is. but why still??
well, for one i want to convince myself that what this brings about is priceless. cliche as it may be, one can never bring back time but photos store memories created through time.
another is the value of how scrapbooking keeps my sanity! i am 24, not married and a fresh MBA grad - the last thing i wanna do is limit myself to working for the family business and in the province. but well, that's a totally different story but in this sense scrapbooking has truly been therapeutic.
and last but not the least ... scrapbooking allows me to explore a creative outlet for self expression, learn craft that every woman should know like sewing/stitching and challenge myself to keep at par with technology ( this is my first blog for .... sake!).

so then whenever i order supplies and think - this is silly! i think again and say, no way!!!!

i am excited to learn..create..enjoy =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

getting started

stuff from creative me. lotsa pink--i love!!!
stuff from scrapbukan -- thanks for the paper box!

metal accents, vellum tape (which is coming in very handy),

acid free, double sided tape and stickles!!!!

my ebay lot purchase which i was content with

die cuts, alpha stickers and some metal pins

making memories paints, flowers and patterned paper again

rub ons, patterned paper, noetworthy journaling card

american crafts thickers and cosmo cricket chipboard ( can never have too many of these)

fiskars border puncher, some rubber stamps and prima flowers

EK success circle cutter, some clear stamps, rub ons, prima flowers and foil chipboards

provocraft paper trimmer (that i'm soon replacing with making memories ), some chipboard pack and die cuts from k & co( i love their designs) and bunch of patterned paper