Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dorm Living

here are the layouts i dedicated to all things meangingful about my stay at the AIM dorm

- my foreign roomies, Lan (vietnamese), Deepti and Nikita (Indian) from whom i got to learn so much about their respective cultures

-my co filipina in room 310, chakka who has ever been so kind sharing her ref and stuff

-my roomies in room 313 with whom i share many memories of pigging out, nightly kwentos, self diagnosing one another of upcoming colds, allergy attacks and other physical health hindrances to completing school work!

lastly, these layouts are about that opportunity to experience independence, freedom and sisterhood :)

Thankful for allowing me power naps when our sked became impossible!

Confined! this is where i lived for 16 mos


my roomies in 313 and faye's drawing

with deepti and nikita, my indian mates

lan, my smart ass vitenamese mate

i have not made out the '310' signifying my room # that's supposed to be in that empty portion at the bootom right
kind chakka

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