Monday, June 8, 2009

Buying In

eAs i knew i'd be returning to the province after grad school to work for the family business, i thought of ways to keep me occupied other than work. First on the list was always scrapbooking! .. and well cooking (which i havn't gathered the inspiration to do yet). But as i started getting myself equipped with the essentials, i realized, golly!! this is an expensive hobby!! yep it is. but why still??
well, for one i want to convince myself that what this brings about is priceless. cliche as it may be, one can never bring back time but photos store memories created through time.
another is the value of how scrapbooking keeps my sanity! i am 24, not married and a fresh MBA grad - the last thing i wanna do is limit myself to working for the family business and in the province. but well, that's a totally different story but in this sense scrapbooking has truly been therapeutic.
and last but not the least ... scrapbooking allows me to explore a creative outlet for self expression, learn craft that every woman should know like sewing/stitching and challenge myself to keep at par with technology ( this is my first blog for .... sake!).

so then whenever i order supplies and think - this is silly! i think again and say, no way!!!!

i am excited to learn..create..enjoy =)


  1. thanks for dropping by at my blog cheska! can't wait to see your creations out of your purchases (they look really yummy!!!). and yes, this is an expensive hobby. lol.


  2. i hope to get to post my creations soon janis. i learn a lot from your blog. galing!!!!