Friday, June 26, 2009

slowly learning..embossing 123

this is a few days late but to keep alive what i felt when i first used my heat gun and embossing powder, i am dedicating a blog entry for this.

i was simply excited ( kid excited ) when i stamped my first few dots and subsequently, applied embossing powder and embossed with my newly bought heat gun to project sand (literal). i think it was mainly so because it's the heat gun, among my line of tools that i was successful with at first try. second, it was this feeling that i think allowed me to appreciate art better. i didn't mind getting dirty with the ink and cleaning up my mess with the powder afterwards. and lastly, i finished my layout content and happy. the sand effect wasn't even planned, more so the embossing. it was a spontaneous burst of creative juice.

here's my embossed sand. nothing rocket science but doing it borught so much glee :)

title: here comes the sand!

Brutus - April 2006

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