Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the Loop!!

Tonight i am just so HAPPY!!! =) first, i arrived home seeing an LBC wrapped package from pao. in it were three boxes of pink/green/orange dots.. they look like candy!!! and they blend perfectly with my yellow and green colored walls and divider =)
Candy!!!! thanks hunee =)
Second, i practically finished a layout tonight!! miracle..i usually take days to finish a layout..this one's an accomplishment. i'm now two layouts short to completing my two-album grad school scrap project.yipee!
And third, i got approved membership with pinoy scrapbookers and scrapbook-exchange!! for days i've been browsing blogs of the members of these sites. and i'm just so excited to officially learn from all of them =)) now officially in the loop. hurray!


  1. Thanks for signing up to be a follower of journaling junkie.
    It would be lovely if you took part in the challenges as well.

  2. i'll try it some time.. still fascinated with everybody's work!! i'll try read more about how to go about submitting challenges for journaling junkie. thanks stephanie =)

  3. hi, chesska!

    congrats on your blog launch! wow, you've a lot of scrapgoodies to play with, hope to see your new LOs soon :)