Saturday, August 1, 2009

july 2009 layouts

this is a spur of the moment layout because as i was conceptualizing my entry for SMI 3 round 6, i realized i absolutley didn't know what to do. instead, i browsed through my envelope-full of photos-to-be-scrapped and decided to make this layout about the fishing boat that my grandfather named after me. this is the only photo we have of it and i'm happy i got to make layout about it :)

one of my bestfriends, tanya and i always had this thing for having the same things!!! in college we bought the same shirts in different colors, the same sandals and what else. so when i learned that we were gonna have the same car model and was gonna pick up mine from the port in her hometown, i didn't pass the opportunity to scrap about this and took photos in matching shirts pa!

this layout speaks for itself - it's of milestones. my 'graduations' hopefully, there's gonna be no more :p

'bata my, bata my' is an identifying joke of my grandparents of me. they say i was a timid child who didn't speak when not spoken to, who keeps quiet at the corner until everybody forgets i was even in the room and sometimes got scared of my own shadow as they jokingly say!

thus, an unforgettable instance was one i loudly uttered from nowhere, 'bata my, bata my' to call on to my grandmother as i saw them going into the car to leave and me getting left behind! the phrase literally meant, mommy ( my grandmother), you're forgetting me (the bata) hehe

and this layout is especially dedicated to that unforgettable moment in my childhood :)

i made this layout for our so called 'saga memories.' saga is the company name of our family's business and as we all have memories of spending so many lazy days there, my childhood is spelled with so much saga in it!

this photo shows my mom with me and my cousins, krystelle and annina. i'm guessing we were just killing time when this was taken.

this one is of my 5 year old cousin rocio. oh my she's something else as you can see!

this is a layout of me and my sister, krista in our younger years. we're 4.5yrs apart

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